Four fun Facts as well as last week of stack on the Miles!!

Ahoj! I had a fun Saturday running as well as eatin’ as well as all that…

I’m headed to palm Springs for a celebration as well as wished to inspect in first. I currently look like a total mess in a gown considering that I made a decision to try these huge air roller things. My hair would NOT stay curled in vegas last weekend so I’m attempting to provide it a bit push. I was about to take them out to go to my mom’s as well as then I realized I must just wear them on the drive.
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But then I had to get gas. Páči sa ti to:

Oh well, I just want to have fun.

So my preferred blog writer in the world Tina from Carrot N Cake identified me in a fun survey –

4 fun facts:

Four names that people phone call me other than my genuine name:




a poor word

Four tasks I’ve had:

Starbucks barista

Produkčný asistent


Researcher / Recruiter

Four motion pictures you’ve enjoyed a lot more than once:

Anchor Man

Talladega Nights

Because I stated So

Forest Gump

Four books I’d recommend:

Narodený pre beh

Intuitive Eating

Gone Girl


Four locations I’ve lived:

In my mom’s belly

Pico Rivera


Orange County

Four locations you have visited:





Four locations I’d rather be ideal now:

Running and/or Eating

On the beach in Costa Rica

Getting a massage

At a comedy show

Four things I don’t eat:

“real” sushi – I always buy the baked rolls, not raw stuff.

That’s it! Ha!!

Four of my preferred foods:





Four TV shows I watch:

19 youngsters as well as Counting

30 Rock

Housewives <- thinking about providing this up! Breaking Bad Four things I’m looking ahead to this year: Eating all the food on Thanksgiving Getting my life together Eating all the food on other days Doing my very first Jello shot (tonight!) Four things I’m always saying: Betch!!! It’s tragic… Som hladný. …. <- nothing. I just hang up the phone at the end of conversations as well as fail to remember to state bye. This drives everybody crazy however it’s like a reflex or something. Four people I identify to response these questions: Julie from PB Fingers Katy Widrick Carissa from in shape 2 Flex You! Okay. now it’s time to inspect in as well as set your goals for the last week of stack on the Miles!!! These week’s prizes include $100 gift cards to a few of my preferred locations on Earth!! So be sure to come back everyday this week to inspect in as well as be went into to WIN. Question: What is your stack on the Miles goal for this week? Did you workout today? I am most likely resting… Pošlite mi zošit Zachrániť Zdieľanie je starostlivosť! zdieľam Tweet Pin zdieľam Mail zdieľam

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