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The finest treadmill purchasing guide is about getting the very best treadmill for YOU. Here’s a listing of 5 things to keep in mind when choosing which treadmill to purchase for your home. plus – The treadmill I purchased as well as why.

5 suggestions for purchasing a house Treadmill

If you’re buying for a treadmill to utilize at house be sure to determine – exactly how frequently you’ll utilize it, if it’ll be utilized by other people, your physical fitness goals, budget, area as well as any type of ‘must haves’.

Then, utilize this listing together with these suggestions to assist you discover the very best choice for your home.



Speed as well as Incline

Konská sila

Display as well as other features

Run eat REpeat warm Up – new suggestions as well as book Review

Before we begin speaking about treadmills – some quick updates as well as reminders…

1.New publish on RunEatRepeat.com with what I’m utilizing as a deal with mask while running. I did a video sharing what I’m utilizing when I requirement something useful that works as a deal with mask while running or walking.

See it here: My Running deal with Mask – finest choice for walks or runs outside with this mask

2. I listened to the book before We Were Strangers as well as did a quick evaluation of it. You can view it on the @RunEatRepeat IGTV channel or on the site.

See it here: before We Were Strangers – book Review 

3. now I’m listening to the Breakdown podcast by the AJC. I like it as well as very don’t like it at the exact same time. however I want to talk about it since I have all the thoughts! I just recently went back as well as listened a few of the old seasons of the podcast as well as want to talk about season 5. If you haven’t listened to it yet – you ought to so we can talk about it.

That’s all for the warm up – let’s go!

5 things to think about When purchasing a Treadmill:

Start by composing down your budget. Then, only think about treadmills in this cost range. There are countless different brands, types, sizes as well as features of treadmills. It can be overwhelming!

And you can considerably cut back on the overwhelm if you limit the number of ‘mills you’re looking at. step 1 is to set a particular budget plan as well as make sure every browse is within those parameters.

2. Size
The size of a treadmill is damaged down into 2 primary elements –

a.) size of the treadmill belt – aka the running area you’ll step on

b.) size of the treadmill overall

Size of treadmill belt – This is one of the most essential elements when selecting a treadmill. Don’t presume all treadmills are the exact same or similar to ones you’ve utilized at the gym. (The fitness center is a location people utilized to go to get exercise before whatever closed.)

The width as well as length of the treadmill belt = the size / area where you’ll really run.

In this situation I believe bigger is better. So if I was selecting between a few different treadmills, I’d choose the one that has the most significant treadmill belt within my cost range.

Ultimately it depends upon your preference as well as stride length. If you have a short stride and/or are on the short side – you may be pleased with a shorter option.

Generally a treadmill belt that’s 55 inches long works for many people under 6 feet tall. If you’re over 6 feet you may want to think about a belt 60 inches or longer.

Overall size of treadmill – determine the area you have for a treadmill. If you have restricted area make sure it will in shape with space to get on / off as well as plug it in.

Also, you may want a exercise devices mat to go under as well as around the treadmill. This may stand out around beyond the edges of the treadmill – element in a ‘bumper’ around the size of the treadmill for this. (A treadmill mat is fantastic to assist reduce noise as well as safeguard the floor around it. I certainly suggest getting one if you are purchasing a treadmill.)

3. speed as well as Incline
Check that the speed as well as incline features are sufficient for your physical fitness as well as goals.

Some treadmills max out on speed at a speed that’s not quick sufficient for you to do tempo runs or speed work. If you’re purchasing a treadmill for walking a max speed of 10 mph may be fine. however if you’re planning on training for the 100 meter dash – you may requirement very fast options.

Some treadmills do not have automatic incline adjustments (meaning you have to get off to change the incline manually). Be sure that the incline choices work for you.

4. Horsepower
For treadmills horsepower is noted at CHP = constant Horsepower. This steps exactly how much power it has during constant use. So if you plan on long workouts, utilizing the treadmill for long stretches of time – you’ll want higher CHP.

Most house treadmills have a CHP of 1.5 to 4. If you plan on utilizing the treadmill for walking look for – 1.5 CHP or higher. If you plan on utilizing the treadmill for running – choose 2.5 CHP or higher.

And if you are over 200 pounds select a CHP on the higher side of your cost range.

5. screen as well as other features
New treadmills have so numerous fun features! as well as there are so numerous different kinds of treadmill displays. Let’s break it down into primary features:

Display size & style –

Workouts –

Fitness tracking & apps –

Wifi Compatible –

Ventilátor –

My new Treadmill:
I got a ProForm performance Treadmill. It’s not extremely elegant however my primary reason for getting a treadmill was to be sure I might run during the social distancing circumstance as well as in situation the guidelines ended up being much more strict.

Updated Jan 2021: The treadmill I purchased is offered out or out of stock at the on the internet sellers I checked. as well as since fitness centers are closed – it’s difficult to discover great house workout devices that’s really available. So right here are a few similar treadmills…

Treadmills for Your house Options:

ProForm wise performance Treadmill

ProForm 600i Treadmill offered on the internet at Target

ProForm 300i Folding Treadmill on Amazon

ProForm 305 Folding Treadmill in stock here

NordiTrack 2950 Folding Treadmill from finest Buy

More Treadmill Options

If you have a bigger budget plan or requirement a treadmill several people will utilize – think about one that’s produced industrial utilize like these:

NordiTrack industrial series 10″ display

Precor TRM Commerical Treadmill

NordiTrack industrial series 14″ display

PreCor industrial 835 Treadmill silver console

Also – Make sure you get a Treadmill mat such as this one to put under it. purchase it when you purchase the treadmill so you don’t have to try as well as relocation the ‘mill after as well as capture a mat under it. one more choice is this – heavy responsibility Treadmill Mat. 

My present physical fitness goals are to get back into 365 half marathon shape (be prepared to run a half marathon all the time) as well as to run a pr marathon (this may be delayed because of race cancellations).

But I don’t plan on training for races on the treadmill – it’s a supporting player in the marathon training film that is my life.

I online in southern California so the weather condition is relatively runner friendly all year (at least to me). I choose to run outside. So I wasn’t buying for a treadmill that I’d run 50 miles a week on for months.

My treadmill desire list:

cheap (relatively low expense while being motorized & fitting my CHP & size requests)

motorized as well as had automatic incline

has sufficient horsepower for running an hour or more

a good length belt

had a 300 pound weight limit

would show up rapidly (I purchased it online)

folded up / wasn’t as well big

I didn’t care if the treadmill:

programmed workouts

wifi enabled

tracked my runs or activity

display – touch or huge picture

had a fan

I chose on the treadmill I purchased since it in shape all those requirements. It works as well as I’m pleased with it. however if I was going to be running on it often or for a longer period of time (past the social distancing situation) I’d most likely get a treadmill that has higher horsepower. That would imply it would likewise be much more expensive.

You can see the treadmill I have on Instagram @RunEatRepeat
And all these suggestions will be in the podcast show notes at RunEatRepeat.com
Check out my house fitness center should HAVES offered on Amazon right here > > > RER’s house physical fitness should Haves 


Today I believe you ought to provide an award to somebody in your life – text, email or compose a letter to somebody just to state hi as well as let them understand you’re believing about them.

Thanks for listening… have a fantastic run!

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